Mort is a supporting character in Madagascar, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway, a minor character in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Penguins of Madagascar film, one of the five tritagonists of The Penguins of Madagascar series, and the tritagonist of All Hail Julien.

Mort is also shown to be unhappy with his past self after growing in size and muscle mass due to an invention from Kowalski. However, after being turned back into his regular self, Mort expresses that he is happy with who he is. In the television series, whenever an animal or object is falling it almost always lands on Mort.

Despite the fact that Mort is often treated poorly by King Julien, the other characters show concern for him as Maurice tries to (if with limited success) save Mort when he may be in danger to be King Julien's biggest concern, and Skipper, who refers to Mort as "sad-eyes", dived in the way of the mutant rat overlord to save Mort. Another fact is that he has apparently a strange and obsessive fetish with Julien's foot. Mort returned in Madagascar 3. Then he also returned in Madagascar 4.

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