Miss Skunk is a minor character in Bambi. Towards the end of the movie, she falls in love with Flower.

Personality Edit

She is beautiful, sweet, kind and friendly. She has a crush on Flower who is supposedly dreamy to her. She is the first to have a mate and chooses Flower. She is flirtatious and loves Flower. She looks like Flower except she has a white tail with a black stripe and longer eyelashes. The fur around her eyes and muzzle is also brown and her under fur is grey.

Role in the film Edit

Miss Skunk first appeared when she spots Flower and takes a liking to him. She manages to win his heart with a kiss and becomes his mate. Some time before the last scene of the movie, they have a son, whom Flower names Bambi, after his friend. She is last seen witnessing the birth of Bambi's children with Flower.

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