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Bernie is the tertiary antagonist of Ice Age: Landscape Damage. He is a ram, he is Eamon's member and somehow a bodyguard, he used to bump heads and eat's can goods.

He is the voice of Rob Schneider.


He enjoyed guard duty by any trespassers that come through Eamon's cave, and he loves to keep on the look out and loves head-bumping on mammals but not rocks, otherwise he could use conscious.


Bernie is grumpy, rude, mean and cruel ram goat. He is likes to be nasty at anyone who comes in his way and bump heads as well. Also likes to eat stuff, and by that he likes to fight any mammals standing his way.

He is the smartest one of the member of the team, and a special dislikes of Shira and Scooter for being so stupidity. And also, he does not like to being called "Goat Boy", some might say he'll be furious physiological when he gets mad.


  • He somehow very similar to Squint, they both hated Shira.
  • Not some other ram goats that cause their misery for their temper.